Scale-up with Stories
Deshpande Foundation Hubli
10th February 2024

The Art of Storytelling 
TiE Hubli, Hubli
08th February 2024

Masterclass on Storytelling
 Forge Factory, Coimbatore
21st December 2023
The Art of Storytelling to Sell Better
Boatload Minds, Coimbatore
01st December 2023
Pitching & Pitch Deck
27th November 2023
The Art and Science of Storytelling for Scaling-Up
29th October 2023
Business Storytelling for Leaders
ISBACON 2023, Mumbai
27th October 2023
Building an Investor Worthy Pitch Deck
TiE Global
23rd September 2023
The True Story of Stories: Bedtime to Boardroom
Smash Up, Jaipur
21st September 2023
How to Speed Date
Smash Up, Rajasthan
11th September 2023
Storytelling the Scale-Up Mantra
CBE Startups, Coimbatore
09th September 2023
Storytelling Workshop
ISA, Germany
08th September 2023
Storytelling the Leader’s Edge
Forge, Tirunelveli
01st September 2023
Storytelling the Scale-Up Mantra
TiE Mysuru, Mysore
26th August 2023
A Way of Life
Rotary Club of Coimbatore
12th August 2023
Storytelling – The Business Leader’s Powertool
04th August 2023
Storytelling – The Business Leader’s Powertool
26th July 2023
Storytelling for Wowsome Pitches
GDC, Coimbatore
07th July 2023
Powerup Your Presentation Skills
HAMSA Rehab, Trichy
12th April 2023
Lateral Thinking & Storytelling
TEMA, Coimabtore
17th March 2023
Creativity and Leadership
GRG College, Coimbatore
13th March 2023
Make it Human
TiE Surat, Surat
11th March 2023
How to Pitch?
Brookfields, Coimbatore
01st March 2023
Bakers Dozen
TiE Univeristy
18th February 2023
Pitching Skills & Investor Relations
TiE University
09th February 2023
Make it Human – The Storytellers Secret
Rotary Culb of Metropolis
Coimbatore, 5th February 2023
The Art and Science of Medical Presentations
Kauvery Hospital, Chennai
21st January 2023
The WOW Factor
Kauvery Hospital, Chennai
10th December 2022
Make it Human – The Storyteller’s Secret
CMA, Coimbatore 21st November 2022
Bulding in India for the World
TiE Delhi NCR, Coimbatore
29th September 2022
Make It Human – The Storyteller’s Secret
KPRIET, Coimbatore
23rd September 2022
Bakers Dozen – The 13 Secrets to Impactful Presentations
08th September 2022
Building a High Performance Team
iSpine, Chennai
29th July 2022
The Art & Science of Pitching
TiE Vadodara
17th August 2022
Funding & Investments
KSUM, Kochi
13th August 2022
The Art of Business Storytelling
24th July 2022
Pitch Deck & Storytelling
Yi, Coimbatore
06th July 2022
Master Financial Management
Medicall, Hyderabad
25th March 2022
Creative Thinking, Storytelling & Design
ICPH, Coimbatore
18th February 2022
Pitch Perfect
AIC RAISE, Coimbatore
19th November 2021